GHD Models

GHD have made a number of different versions of hair straighteners over the years. Here is our best efforts at a list, most recent models first.

"GHD Gold" - Not repairable

This is a very recent model and should not be confused with the older GHD Mk5 model which was sometimes called the GHD Mk5 Gold (see the Mk5 photos below). We can repair the old GHD Mk5/MkV/5.0 Gold model, but we can't repair this new "GHD Gold". This has a two year warranty from GHD, contact GHD for any warranty claims.

GHD Gold

Platinum S8T261 - Can be repaired

For more information see the GHD Platinum page

GHD Mk7 Platinum

Eclipse - Not repairable

These models cannot be repaired. If a pair breaks under warranty GHD just throw them away and send out a new pair. For details of why see our FAQ page on the subject.

Therefore please bear in mind that once out of warranty, they cannot be repaired if/when they break. For more information about the Eclipse model, see the Eclipse page.

GHD Mk6 Eclipse

Mk5 - Can be repaired

The Mk5 (V) version of GHDs are marked with the model 5.0 (normal 1" wide), SS5.0 (2" wide), MS5.0 (0.5" wide) etc. The new SC5 Contour is, other than the ceramic plates, the same as the SS5 and can be repaired.

They are sometimes called the Mk5 gold, but do come in other colours as well. For more details, please have a look at the GHD 5.0 page.

Mk4 / Mk IV - Can be repaired

The Mk4 (IV) version GHDs are all clearly marked with the model number on the label opposite the power switch. They also have a different style hinge to all previous models:

There are many different variations of this model in different colours (purple, white, black, pink etc) including:

3.1B - Can be Repaired

This is the second generation of Mk3 iron. They are clearly marked with the model number on the label opposite the power switch:

The following models are based upon this model:

GHD 3 - Can be repaired

This model is normally marked with the model number on the label opposite the power switch on the inside of the arm. This model is very similar to the GHD3.1B, apart from it has two small screws which attach the mains switch cover:

There are two other models that are based upon the GHD3 which are the wide and narrow versions.

Older Model - Can be repaired

Pre Mk 3
These are quite old now and frequently do not have any model number marking as they do not have a label. It's easy to tell if you have this model, as they have a "square" end like this:

Fake Irons - Not repairable

There were once lot of fake GHDs on the market. These were mainly copies of Mk4 GHDs, however there are some fake 3.1B/P's and MK5 around.


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