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This model is a MK3 pair of GHD straightener in Black. Despite all being labelled as GHD3's, there are a number of different variations which are slightly different in a number of subtle ways - 501-N, 501-1 and 601. See further down this page for more details. You cannot tell without taking your GHD's apart which you have and therefore take care what you buy when trying to get spare parts!

GHD (i.e. the manufacturer) no longer repair this model. I've heard from a number of people that they have sent their GHD3's off to GHD with faulty cable like symptoms, only to be told "there is a fault with the PCB and we no longer stock spare parts for this model". To me this sounds like GHD are hoping you will then take up their offer of a new pair with a £30 discount. If you don't accept that, then they will charge you £10 to get your broken GHD back! All sounds a bit cheeky to me.... Of course all the non-official repair companies will happily repair them - see the Repair Service page.

This model does not suffer from thermal fuse failures as the fuse is mounted behind the PCB, rather than on the heater plate.

The main problem with this model is that heaters have a habit of failing. The wires tend to come off, causing them to become intermittent, or not work at all. This problem is repairable by replacing the heater element. See the bottom of the heaters page for details of where to purchase replacement heater elements

The procedure for replacing the mains cable is just the same as for the GHD 3.1b straighteners and therefore you can follow this guide. New cables are available from the shop - type 1 cable.

Operating Temperatures:



The pair shown above is lacking a thermal fuse (despite having themal fuse connections). This is because the thermal fuse is soldered directly to the back of the PCB.


You can tell a pair of 501-1s as they have the following marking on the case work near the hinge pin:


A photo of the PCB wiring in the 501-N model (which is similar to most GHD3 models)

The underside of the 501-N PCB (showing the thermal fuse):

You can tell a pair of 501-Ns as they have the following marking on the case work near the hinge pin:


Sometimes the hinge pin is impossible to undo on this version. I've only been unable to undo the hinge pin on a pair of GHDs four times (out of a sample of a few hundred pairs), and it's been the GHD3 601 variation every time! For some tips about getting over this problem, please see this page.

The 601 heater plate and mount combination is interchangable with the 3.1b heater plate and mount combination. Therefore if you need a new 601 mounting part, but we don't have any in stock, then just order a 601 mounting plate and we'll send you a 3.1b heater plate and a 3.1b mounting part instead if asked.

You can tell a pair of 601s as they have the following marking on the case work near the hinge pin:

General Photos

Some photos showing how the hinge goes together:


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