Repair of GHD Eclipse and Platinum

The Mk3, Mk4 and Mk5 models of GHDs all used fairly standard components inside that we could source from component suppliers. However the GHD Eclipse  and Platinum S8T261 & S8T262 irons are completely custom to GHD. In fact the heaters, thermistors, thermal fuse, circuit board and everything is on a single flex-rigid assembly inside.

This means that the the Eclipse and Platinum irons can not be repaired. And we do mean ALL Eclipse and Platinum models, the colour or pattern makes no difference!

If you have these models, then we'd suggest trying to get GHD to replace them under warranty first of all.

The warranty on the Eclipse and Platinums model was two years. Contact GHD  for any warranty issues.

If that doesn't help then the Eclipse and Platinum models should be replaced. We would advise you to purchase another set of GHDs like the GHD MK5 or the slightly older GHD MK4.2. Those models will always be repairable.



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