GHD 4.1B

This model is a MK4 pair of GHD straightener in Black. They are similar to the 4.0B model but with some minor improvements. A repair guide is available here.

Normal operation is as follows:

If the temperature of the irons is below 5 degrees C then they will not work and the will emit a continuous beeping sound. To fix this, just bring them back up to normal temperature (gradually!) and then try again.

They commonly suffer from R8 resistor failures. See this page for more details.

The heaters have a resistance of 70 Ohms each (nominal). When connected to the PCB, they are in parallel, so you'll measure a resistance of about 35 Ohms. See the Heaters page for more details.

Replacement cables are available in the spares shop and the replacement method is described here

This model is commonly faked - see the fake GHD page for more info.


^ The Mk4 style hinge - the main cosmetic difference between Mk3 and Mk4 GHDs ^

^ Crack in case work non standard ;-) ^


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