GHD Air 1.0 Hairdryer

The repair service for the GHD Air 1.0 model is HERE


The Air hairdryer can be taken apart by removing the plugs above and below the speed/heat switches which gives access to two screws. Once these screws are removed the back half of the case hinges upwards and the two halves come apart.

The screws are security types and require a special bit to undo them. A flt bladed screwdriver of just the right size can be forced into the screw head and they can be removed carefully. However if you break the screw head you will not get these apart!

GHD Air screw covers

Inside there are a few basic components:

The PCB controls the power to the motor and the heater. The fan sucks air in the back of the hair dryer and blows it through the case and over the heater element.

There is a push button mounted in the case plastics which disconnects the heater to enable easy switching from hot to cold air.

Not much to it really!

Here are some photos of the components:

The switch PCB

GHD Air Switch PCB

The Motor

Common issues are worn out bearings. The motor will be noisy. You can see the wear if you try to wiggle the motors shaft from side to side.

The bearings can not be replaced.

GHD Air Motor

The heater assembly

With heat resistant cover to stop the plastic case getting hot / melt.

You can see the "cold" button inline with the wiring.

GHD Air Heater assembly

The Heater

GHD Air Heater wire

Radial fan

This sucks air in the back and flings it sideways which then gets funneled down the hair dryer

This is a broken example where some of the blades have come off.

GHD Air fan

Thermal fuse inside the heater

The heater element coil has been moved to the side so you can see the thermal fuse

GHD Air Thermal Fuse


The cable has a custom moulding on the end which acts as a strain relief with hanging loop.

(this is a broken one that has been cut up!)

A faulty cable can be replaced if the strain relief has not been bonded to the cable.

GHD Air Cable

Spare parts

Parts for this model can be found HERE



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