Eclipse Spares

The Mk6 generation of GHD has just one model - the GHD Eclipse. For more details see our GHD Eclipse page.

This model is significantly harder to repair than previous GHD models as the internals are all integrated into one big custom circuit board (rather than separate circuit board, heaters, thermal fuse etc like previous models). Therefore this model is not covered by our standard repair service. The only repair that is really viable to DIY is a cable replacement, however it is tricky to do. There is a guide to dismantling the mk6 irons here. Cables are available below.

If you are unsure which model you have, please see our GHD models page which shows you pictures of all the different models.

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Cable for GHD Mk6 Eclipse Straighteners

Cable for GHD Mk6 Eclipse Straighteners

Brand new replacement mains power cord compatible with the GHD Mk6 Eclipse model only. Replacing th..


5A European to UK Plug Adapter

5A European to UK Plug Adapter

Brand new European to UK plug adapter fitted with 5A fuse. Suitable for converting the european plu..


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