Pre Mk3 Models

At one point GHD sold straighteners without model numbers. There are many subtle variations that are slightly different however (not knowing any better) I've decided to christen them all "pre mk3" versions.

These straighteners frequently have all the hall marks of being fake, however in actual fact GHDs were not even a twinkle in the eye of the counterfeiters! For example:

They have a square end where the cable connects. Cables failure is what normally causes them to break. They use the same cable as used in the all other early GHD's (i.e. this one). To replace the cable you need to undo the hinge and then take the lid off the cable connection (which can be quite tight, so you may need to lever it with a screw driver).

The other failure we see quite often is that the plastic simply gets so old and brittle that it disintegrates into dust! If this happens to you, then you best bet is to buy a new pair.


We no longer buy broken Pre Mk3 GHD but do some have spares for them. Please contact us for parts availability.

The cable is the type 1 cable used in mk3 and early mk4 irons.

The heater elements are available HERE and HERE

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