GHD 3.1B

The 3.1 model was extremely popular and was most common in Black. It was also available in baby pink and is occasionally seen in hot pink. The US 110V version was the 3.2 model.

For a guide to repairing this model, have a look at our Mk3 GHD repair guide

Normal operation is as follows:

The Mk3 models do not beep.

Normal causes of electrical failure are thermal fuses and cables (although see our repair guide to confirm). If a ceramic plate becomes loose, then you'll probably need to replace the plastic mount that holds the ceramic plate in place (see the online shop).

This model uses the resistance of the heaters to control the iron temperature. As the nominal resistance of the heaters can change if a heater is replaced, the irons may need the operating temperature to be adjusted after repair. See the VR1 page for more information.

GHD (i.e. the manufacturer) no longer repair this model. I've heard from a number of people that they have sent their GHD 3.1B's off to GHD with faulty cable like symptoms, only to be told "there is a fault with the PCB and we no longer stock spare parts for this model". To me this sounds like GHD are hoping you will then take up their offer of a new pair with a £30 discount. If you don't accept that, then they will charge you £10 to get your broken GHD back! All sounds a bit cheeky to me.... Of course all the non-official repair companies will happily repair them - see the Repair Service page.

Guides Relevant for this Model

Operating Temperature

The normal operating termperature is around 186 degC when measured using a thermocouple between the plates:

Using Infrared temperature measurement meters may result in a significantly different temperature reading and they should not be used. Suitable temperature meters are available on our shop HERE

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