GHD UnPlugged S9U221 The first cordless hair straighteners from GHD.

Released in 2021 priced around £300



This model has very definitely be designed to be non repairable.

Simply attempting to get the arms apart will usually result in damage to the plastic clips that keep the arms tightly sealed!

The following images show all the parts making up the GHD UnPlugged.

These parts can be found on our shop.UnPlugged Spares

The plastic hinge pin may well be a weak point if the irons ever get trodden on.

The elements appeared to need a little more thermal paste for reliable long term use.

The smallest mechanical switch I have ever encountered may be a possible weak spot.

The connector on the left of the picture below has a very fine wire plug connecting both PCB's. The wires broke at the slightest touch.

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