Due to unforeseen circumstances the workshop will be closed from Friday 14th June until Friday 21st June. Any orders received between those dates will be shipped on Monday 24th June. Irons received for repair will be securely stored and will be repaired ready for return on the 24th June or soon after.

We are genuinely very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, as we know how important our service can be to customers. We'll keep you fully updated on the status of any orders placed and will let you know as soon as we're able to dispatch your order or complete your repair.

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop us an email and we'll get back to you promptly. 

GHD S4C242 hair straighteners can be repaired for £39.99

The Summary:

  • Fixed price service, including all electrical parts, labour and return postage.
  • Your irons must not be completely dead. They must beep when plugged in to be repairable.
  • Irons are normally returned in a few days.
  • Order and pay for this item, post your irons to us and we'll fix them and send them straight back.
  • This service is for the GHD Original model (S4C242). If you are unsure, send us a photo or your irons via Facebook or email.
  • See the three simple steps below to get your irons repaired!

The Detail:

The GHD Original S4C242 repair service is ONLY for the GHD Original S4C242 irons pictured above.

Please note, this is a totally new model, despite looking like the older MK4 models. Look at the switch, on this new model it is round and is just a press button type. The older MK4 model has a switch that slides between on and off.

This is a brand new model for 2022 and has a two year warranty.

However if you have damaged the mains cable, broken an arm, lost your receipt or accidentally damaged the irons in some way we can help.

For all other models please use the repair services HERE

The model number, S4C242 can be found on the label on the inside of the arm opposite the on/off switch and GHD Original is printed on the non switch arm.

Your irons MUST NOT be dead. They must make a bleep sound when plugged in to be repairable.

If they do not make a bleep sound when plugged in a replacement PCB will be required, these are scarce so please contact me first to see if I have any in stock! A replacement PCB, if available is £20 on top of the repair fee.

The only things that are not included is if a replacement arm or ceramic plate is required, for example if the hinge is broken or damage has been done by the customer during a failed attempt at repair. Replacement arms will be charged at  £20. Before purchasing a replacement arm please email us with details of which arm is broken and what colour the arm is so we can check stock.

Ceramic plates are charged at £15 each and are changed only if the customer has requested them to be changed and they are badly scratched or worn. Please email us before purchasing the ceramic plate fee with details of the colour of the ceramic plate so we can check we have stock.

Other than that there are no extra costs to do a repair.

See our New Workshop

The Mk6.0 Eclipse and Platinum S8T261 models cannot be repaired (see photos above). If your irons have the word Platinum written on an arm they can not be repaired.

If they have the word Platinum + written on the arm they can be repaired with out GHD Platinum Plus Repair Service

The Mk6 Eclipse and Platinum models are not repairable by anyone and have been designed to be a throw away item unfortunately.

All repair work comes with a 3 month Return To Us warranty against the same components failing again and includes a comprehensive PAT test. To see our PAT paperwork have a look at a the additional images - you will see Trevor's Certificate of training and calibration certificate.

The GHD Original S4C242 may require an overnight stay in our workshop and will be posted back the day after we receive them, or the next working day.

Your GHD's will be returned using the Royal Mail's 1st Class service with on-line delivery confirmation.

The process for sending your straighteners for repair involves three simple steps:


Purchase this item from our shop. You will then receive an order reference number via email. If the email does not appear within a few minutes of ordering, please check your spam folder or drop us an email.

Step 2

Pack your GHDs in a jiffy bag with some bubble wrap so that they don't get damaged in the post. Try to keep the plug away from the plates as the metal pins can easily damage the coating. Include a copy of your order number (a print out of your order confirmation email would be ideal) or print and complete this PDF form.

Please see the bottom of this page for our packing guide video.

Please free to use the original cardboard box to package your irons in, but Do Not send in soft cases or accessories! We can not take any responsibility for damage to soft cases whilst opening your parcel.

Step 3

Pop the package in the post to the following address:

The Workshop
284 Newton Road
NN10 0SY

We recommend you use a delivery service with proof of delivery or a signature on delivery, like Royal Mail Signed For or similar courier companies.

During the cold winter months your irons may be very cold when they are returned by the Royal Mail.
Please allow them to warm up to room temperature before use.

Please Note:

  • We are unable to repair the GHD Mk6.0 Eclipse and Platinum S8T261 irons.
  • We have kept the cost of this repair service to the minimum possible which means unfortunately we are unable to accept discount codes on this item.
  • Please do not send in non repairable models or fake GHDs - they cannot be repaired using this service and you will be charged for handling and return postage costs, currently £10 in the UK, £15 for EU countries. If you suspect that your GHDs could be fake then please contact us and we should be able to tell you. Or view our Guide to Fakes video HERE.


  • How do I know you are genuine and will do a good job?
    We are a professional outfit who operate from a dedicated workshop. We don't do the repairs in the spare bedroom like some people advertising their services online! We have various ways for customers to post feedback on our services - via TrustPilot or by adding reviews to products on our shop (check the reviews tab just below the product image above). All this feedback is unprompted from happy customers!
  • Does your service include a PAT Test?
    Yes! Click on the Additional Images tab above to see copies of our training certificate.
  • How long will it take?
    Your irons should be returned to you within 3-5 working days from the day you post them and often quicker. e.g. You send them to us via 1st class post on a Monday, we get them on Tuesday, repair and test them overnight, they are posted Wednesday morning so they are back with you on Thursday.
  • Can I pay with Paypal?
    Yes - order the repair via our shop and you can choose to pay with Paypal.
  • I'm not in the UK - can you send my GHDs back to an overseas address?
    We are no longer offering repairs to EU or overseas customers. Perhaps you can send your irons in to us via a friend or family member who lives in the UK? We can only return irons to a UK address.
    If you are in New Zealand/Australia please see our local sister website that offers a similar repair service.
  • Do you close for Christmas and the New Year?
    We are Closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day only.

How to wrap your irons

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GHD Original S4C242 Repair Service

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