GHD 5.0 including "Gold Series"

This generation of GHDs were launched at the end of 2010 are similar to the Mk4 models with a few changes.

Correct operation is as follows:

The Mk4 repair guide is correct for this model so if you have a problem with your GHDs, check out that debug guide.

Heater Plates

We've put together a couple of videos showing how to take the heater assemblies apart:

Thermistor Side (Non Switch Side)

Thermal Fuse Side (Switch Side)


The main change is that GHD have done away with the flawed cable socket that they used in the previous generation of straightener and replaced it with a design that is similar to the old mk3 cable socket.

We now stock a cable compatible with the type 3 cable in our online shop - GHD Type 3 Cable. Alternatively when the cable and cable socket are replaced as a pair the type 2 cable is suitable. There is a guide of how to do this replacement here. Here is what the new cable socket looks like when fitted:


Circuit Board

The PCB from the Mk4 irons is compatible with the mk5 model. The main differences are:

The Mk4 replacement PIC we stock is compatible with the Mk5 PCBs (althought the beeps will sound different).  We now also stock a mk5 compatible PIC here. Note that if your PCB has a square beeper (rather than round) then you need a different version of the PIC - Mk4 & Mk5 Square


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