Sell Your Broken GHDs

If you've decided your GHDs are not worth trying to fix and you fancy a new pair, then why not sell your old ones for spare parts? That way you get some cash towards the new ones and other people are able to extend the life of their GHDs by being able to get hold of spare parts.

The value of your GHD's depends upon the version as follows:

Unfortunately we are unable to buy Eclipse or Platinum irons.

The procedure for taking us up on this offer is as follows:

  1. Complete this form. If for any reason you can't open the PDF file try, hovering over the "this form" link and then right click and select Save Link As, download to your PC. Failing that, email us at ( and we'll let you know where to send them.
  2. Pack them securely (a bit of extra bubble wrap is always good) and pop them in the post to the address on the form (from step 1). Regular 1st class is fine (make sure you get a certificate of posting), however you can send them Signed For if you prefer. Please send the original box if you still have it. We use the thicker cardboard for packing so nothing is wasted.
  3. Assuming they are genuine then we'll send you the money either by electronic bank transfer or Paypal as you requested. If there are any problems we will let you know via email or telephone.

Simple as that!

Here is a video showing what we do with your GHD's once we have received them.


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