GHD SS 4.0

This model is based upon the MK4 GHD straighteners, but it has a wider heater plate. I've only seen them in black. "SS" stands for "Salon Stylers". As they are based on the Mk4 GHDs, then they will suffer from the same possible problems. Therefore please see the Mk4 repair guide for repair information.

Replacement cables for the type 1 version and type 2 version (see details below) are available in the spares shop and the replacement method is described here.

Some random facts about this model:

There are two types of SS4.0 which do not have interchangable parts, despite them having the same model number. To work out which version you have, see the type 1 vs type 2 comparison page.

GHD SS4.0 type 1

Replacement cable for this type is here.

Note: this pair was sold to me as the hinge was broken, and hence the crack near the hinge on the Non Switch Side arm!

"Classic" Mk4 hinge:

The brown wires going to the heater plate are the NTC Thermistor leads:

MELF resistor fitted as standard.

GHD SS4.0 type 2

Replacement cables for this type is here. For more details about the problems with the cable socket on this model see the type 2 cable socket page

Here are some videos we've put together on how to get the ceramic plates apart.

Thermal Fuse Side

Thermistor Side



Thanks to Ant for these photos:




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