Services We Offer

GHD Repair Service - Send your GHDs to us for a fixed price, easy and quick repair. See the repair service page for all the details.

Spare Parts Shop - Buy the spares you need to repair your GHDs for yourself.

Technical Support

Our website contains loads of information that we've put together over the years about the numerous models of GHD hair straightener, how they go wrong and how they can be repaired. So if you'd like to do a DIY repair (and are experienced at this kind of thing!), grab a cup of tea and have a read of our website - you should find all the information you need! If you don't fancy doing it yourself (or the parts you need will cost more than the price of our repair service!) then do consider our fixed price repair service.

The links to our technical pages are all in the top right under "Repair Info", but here are some links to get you started:

Don't forget that if you are doing a DIY repair, then please consider buying any spare parts you may need from our online shop!

About Us


In May 2007 a friend asked Gary to fix his wife's GHD 3.1B hair straighteners as Gary has a reputation for being able to fix anything!. Gary took them apart, discovered the thermal fuse had tripped, worked out how to replace the part (there were no spares available back then!) and got them back in action much to his friend's wallet's appreciation. Gary then proceeded to publish his findings on his weblog. That page received such interest that people started sending Gary their GHD's for repair and eventually he decided it was about time GHD Repair had it's very own website - was born! Since then the website has evolved into a business and we now have a full time workshop that offers a GHD repair service and sells spare parts online.

We also have a similar workshop in New Zealand.

Naturally that means that If you have a broken pair of GHD's, then this is the website for you. Hopefully you'll find all the info you need to repair them youself, and if you get stuck feel free to contact us via Twitter, Facebook or email. If you need any spare parts, then check out the shop. If you don't fancy trying to fix them yourself, then we offer a fast and efficient, fixed price service (see the repair service page) or you can sell your broken GHDs and turn them into cash towards a new pair.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and if you have any feedback, please get in touch!

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