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GHD Repair Service - Send your GHDs to us for a fast and cost effective repair.

Spare Parts Shop - Buy the spares you need to repair your GHDs for yourself.

Support Pages (see all the links on the left!) - All the information you could possible need to repair your GHDs yourself.


In May 2007 a friend asked me to fix his wife's GHD hair straighteners as I have a reputation for being able to fix anything (!). I took them apart, discovered the thermal fuse had tripped, worked out how to replace the part and got them back in action much to his wallet's appreciation. I then proceeded to publish my findings on my weblog. That page recieved such interest that people started sending me their GHD's for repair and eventually I decided it was about time the subject had it's very own website -! Since then the website has evolved into a business and we now sell GHD spare parts via our online shop and offer a GHD repair service

Naturally that means that If you have a broken pair of GHD's, then this is the website for you. Hopefully you'll find all the info you need to repair them youself, and if you get stuck feel free to contact us via the forum or email. If you need any spare parts, then check out the shop. If you don't fancy trying to fix them yourself, then we do a fast and efficient fixed price service (see the repair service page) or you can sell your broken GHDs and turn them into cash towards a new pair.

This website is being continuously updated, so if you've learnt something whilst repairing some GHD's that is not mentioned on this site, please do get in touch.


The information provided on this website is intended for use by people competent at repairing electrical products. If you are not confident about carrying out a safe and reliable repair, please consider our repair service. To state the obvious... Irons repaired incorrectly can be very dangerous!


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