A pair of PCB's from a set of GHD 3.1B's

We have various different PCB revisions which is why we sell them as pairs. Also compatible with GHD SS2's (the wide plate version of the 3.1b) and GHD 3.1 (Pink).

A common mistake to make is to assume the PCB is faulty, when actually it's just a blown thermal fuse. Therefore before purchasing this part we recommend you take a look at the 3.1B fault finding guide.

This part is 2nd hand and has been removed from a broken pair of GHDs.

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GHD 3.1B / SS2 PCB

3.1B PCB
  • Brand: Recycled GHD Part
  • Product Code: 3.1B PCB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Number sold: 210
  • 25.00


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