The Type 2 mains cable and socket have been phased out in favour of the newer type 3 cable and socket.

All customers must purchase the newer, safer and more reliable type 3 cable and socket available HERE

The video below shows exactly why will no longer supply Type 2 cables or Type 2 sockets.

We will no longer supply a type 2 cable or a type 2 socket.

Please watch the video below before purchasing this cable.

The price is exactly the same as the type 2 cable and socket. The type 3 cable uses a more reliable socket and this must be changed at the same time as the cable.

If your irons currently have a type 2 cable and socket fitted, the new type 3 cable and socket is guaranteed to fit perfectly and be safer and reliable.

A common problem with this style of cable is that the cable socket causes a bad connection.

  You must add some silicon grease to the cable socket connection, as shown in the extra pictures.

This cable is not compatible with all 4.2B and SS4.0 straighteners. Please check carefully which cable you need.

For details of the two variants please see the the comparison page page. If you have a type 1 variant, then you will require this cable.

Your original GHD cable should have a Euro to UK adapter on it, which can be transferred by loosening a screw. If you don't have one of these, then they are available here.

Instructions for fitting this cable are as follows:

  • GHD 4.2 etc - here
  • GHD 5 Gold series - here


Also available from our New Zealand GHD Repair Shop



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Cable for Type 2 GHDs (Black)

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