• GHD 4.2B & Mk5 Type 2 Ceramic Plate Mounting Part

If this part is out of stock please use the part HERE and do not use the metal clips on the alternative part as it simply clips over the ceramic plate!

Plastic moulding for Type 2 GHD 4.2B & Mk5 which holds the ceramic plates in place. This part uses two metal clips to attach it to the heater plates.

The metal clips and silicon rubber simply transfer from your old mounting part and are not supplied with this replacement.

Metal clips are available below if required

This part is 2nd hand and has been removed from a broken pair of GHDs.

If you are not sure which type you have please see this page.

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GHD 4.2B & Mk5 Type 2 Ceramic Plate Mounting Part

  • Brand: Recycled GHD Part
  • Product Code: 4.2B&Mk5_T2_blk
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Number sold: 241
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