Plastic moulding for GHD3 which holds the ceramic plates in place. There are a few different styles of mounting part used in GHD3's (despite them having the same model number) therefore please check carefully that you are ordering the correct one. This particular one is marked with "601".

If this part is out of stock (i.e. availability is "2-3 days"), then there is an alternative. The 601 heater plate and mount combination is interchangeable with the 3.1b heater plate and mount combination. Therefore if you need a new 601 mounting part, but we don't have any in stock, then order a 3.1 mount HERE and  a 3.1b heater plate HERE

This is a used part taken from a GHD 3.

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GHD3 Ceramic Plate Mounting Part - 601

601 Mount
  • Brand: Recycled GHD Part
  • Product Code: 601 Mount
  • Availability: Contact Us For Stock Check
  • Number sold: 77
  • 15.00


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