Mk4 Spares

The Mk4 (also know as GHD IV) generation of GHDs includes the following models:

For the differences between the type 1 and type 2 versions see our type 1 vs type 2 page.

We have a repair guide that covers all these models (as they are all basically the same internally) here. If you don't fancy doing a repair yourself, all these models are covered by our fixed price repair service.

If you are unsure which model you have, please see our GHD models page which shows you pictures of all the different models.

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GHD MS4.0 Heater Clips

GHD MS4.0 Heater Clips

Heater clips from a pair of GHD MS4.0. One clip is designed to hold just a heater onto a heater p..


Thermal Pad

Thermal Pad

A genuine thermal pad that is found behind the plates in most models of GHD. It is a felt-like ma..


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