Using GHDs in the USA (or anywhere that has 110V mains supply)

Mk 4 (Mk IV), Mk5 (Gold Series), Mk6 (Eclipse) and Mk7 (Platinum) GHDs are designed to work at both 230V (UK and Europe) and also at 110V (US). Therefore if you have a Mk4, Mk5, Mk6 or Mk7 pair of GHDs, then they will happily work in the US.

The Mk3 models are not however universal and are designed to work at 230V only. If you were to try and use a mk3 pair of GHDs in America, then in theory they should work, but would take longer to heat up and may not get as hot. Practically however we have had a number of reports that mk3 GHDs will fail if you try to use them on 110V therefore we would not recommend even trying it!

Diane says: "I have come across your website and thought that you might like to hear my story. I took my Ghd's model 3.1B to the US and tried to use them, they did not heat up ( well heated slightly) and eventually the red light went out. I tried them again and the same happened. Now back in the UK they will not work at all. Whether I have blown the fuse with the different voltage or that the baggage was thrown about too much I do not know. As we speak my husband is taking them apart to see if he can fix them, follow the picture instructions on your website. We may be ordering a Thermal fuse."

Siobhan told us this: "Hi i was reading your website and i have a pair of 3.1 GHDS. I went to USA and tried to use them but noticed after a while they werent very hot. I thought they were broken as they are so old now. But then i heard this happens with mark 3's. They dont cut out but they dont even get hot enough for the light to flash to say they are at top temp. Just to let you know."

Andy told us: "My friend has a 3.1b and she tried to use them in Las Vegas and the LED would not turn on and they would not heat up at all but the hotel had transformers to connect up and then they worked on the 230v transformer and if the hotel doesnt have them in they are easy to get hold of in any hardware store for about $20 - $40."

If you wanted to buy something to make your Mk3 GHDs work properly in the US, then you would need to get a step up transformer which takes 110V in and gives out 230V. GHD 3.1Bs are rated at a power of 35 watts so you would need to make sure your transformer can supply that amount of power. 

The only other difference between the UK and the US power supply is the frequency, however we don't believe the 60Hz vs 50Hz difference will have any effect.

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