Differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Mk4 GHDs

The more recent GHD models come in two varieties which we call Type 1 and Type 2. Both types have the same model number, so the only way to tell them apart is to look for the following differences.

These photos are of GHD 4.2Bs. however most of the differences are also relevant for the GHD SS4.0 (wide plate) and GHD MS4.0 (narrow plate) models.

Outer Casing

On the type 2 version the pattern at the end of the arm is "dotty". On the type 1 it is striped.

Hinge Area

The type 2 has a lump inside the hinge where as the type 1 does not

The Hinge Spring

The type 2 version uses a bent bit of flat metal whereas the type 1 uses a coil spring made out of wire.


The type 2 PCBs have two cyclindrical resistors at the power input (R8 and R11) whereas the type 1s only have a single one (R8). Both of these can fail when there is an intermittent cable connection, a loose socket or you are plugging the irons in or out of the mains socket when the irons switch is in the On position. Always make sure the irons are off before plugging them in or unplugging them from the mains.

These resistors are in the bottom right of this photo:

Heater Plate mounts

The type 2 version has metal clips to hold the plates in place. The type 1 do not.

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