Type 2 Cable Socket Failure

There are two types of the 4.2B, SS4.0 and MS4.0 models of GHDs. The early versions had the cable socket connector used in all the previous generations of GHD. The later version (what we call the "Type 2"s) use a new cable socket design which has a flaw in it!

The new socket and cable look like this:

The problem with the sockets is that inside are 3 pins that go around the pin on the cable. These pins gradually get bent outwards during use until the don't make a good connection. This will result in sparking or buzzing coming from the cable end. It may also result in the GHDs beeping during use as they get switched on and off due to the bad connection.

Please note that continuing to use a mains cable that is arcing/sparking can cause more serious damage to the irons. Examples would be damage to the PIC processor, which, in turn, can cause over heating and damage to the thermal fuse and elements.

Here is an example of a socket that overheated due to the electrical arcing caused by the bad connection:

Fixing the problem

There is only one way to safely and reliably fix this problem!


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