Help! My GHDs are broken! What shall I do?

Assuming they are genuine GHDs, then you've got three options. You want to make sure they are genuine however, as if they are fake, then your options are very limited! To find out about fake GHDs and how to spot them, see the fake GHD web page.

1) Warranty Claim

If your GHDs are still covered under warranty, then it makes sense to talk to GHD (via their website or via twitter) and see what they will do about the problem (even if you've not got the receipt!).

Please note that for older models of GHD (presumably ones they no longer sell, such as the GHD3 and 3.1B) that are out of warranty GHD will not fix them and will charge you if you want them back. Whatever they say about your irons, we can still repair all electrical problems with these models.

If you want an iron that can be repaired for many years to come, we'd recommend sticking to the GHD Gold S7N261, GHD MK5 or GHD Mk4. These will always be repairable.

2) Fix them yourself

All the common GHD faults are covered in detail on this website and we can supply the spare parts, so if you feel confident enough, have the correct tools and understand the safety issues, you should be able to fix them yourself.

Start on our guides page and have a look at the guide relevant to the generation of GHDs you have.

3) Send them off for repair

You can send them away for repair using our fixed fee GHD Repair Service. The GHD Gold S7N261 & Max S7N421 models can be repaired with the GHD Gold & Max Repair Service.

Please note that we cannot repair the Mk6 Eclipse or Platinum S8T261



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