Mk4 GHD Cable Replacement How-to

Cable replacement is slightly more complicated on the GHD 4.0B, 4.1B etc than it is on 3.1b's, however it's still fairly easy. In some variants of GHD 4.2 the cable socket will be slightly different to the one shown below. The method for this variant is the same, however you'll need a different cable (available here - black / pink / purple).

1) Remove the Hinge Caps

Carefully use a screw driver to pop the caps off. They are held in place by a clip at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock (when the ghd logo is rotated as below)

This will reveal a Philips head screw on both sides:

2) Undo the hinge pin

It may not look the most elegant, however I've come to the conclusion that the easiest way to remove the hinge pin is to put the GHD's between your legs, and then undo the screws with a screwdriver in each hand. Make sure you use the correct size screwdriver, as this screw is often very tight. It undoes anti-clockwise (as a normal screw thread). If you twist hard enough, you'll hear a crack, and then it'll come undone easily. If not a mechanics impact driver can be used.

3) Push the hinge pin out

The screw will come off on one side, and then use a screw driver to push the pin out.

4) Seperate the two arms

Just take care with the wires that go around the hinge. You may find it easier to take the spring out at this stage, as has been done in the following photo.

5) Using a small cross head screwdriver, undo these two screws:

6) Remove Cable Connector Cover

7) Remove the old cable

This will just pull out of the socket.

You can now fit the new cable. If you have some contact grease, then I'd suggest putting a little bit on the contact surfaces to improve the cable's life.

7) Put it back together!

Now just put the lid back on, screw it down and put the two arms back together. Here are a few tips when doing this:

8) Move the european to UK adapter to the new cable

The adapter comes off the old cable by loosening the cross head screw. The european plug then pulls out and you can plug the new cable in and tighten the screw back up.

Alternatively, some adapter plugs have a top which hinges open to reveal the european plug - again just undo the screw and the lid will open.


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