Repair Guide for Mk4 (Mk IV) & Mk5 GHDs

This page should help find most problems with Mk4 GHD models including 4.0B, 4.1B, 4.2B, SS4.0, 5.0 MS5, SS5 etc.

Completely dead - no light, no beep, nothing

There are a few possible causes:

Beep and the light comes on, but they do not heat up

Beep Continuously and do not heat up

Beep Continuously but may heat up

LED goes out and the irons Beep and restart

Beep during use

There is an intermittent connection which is causing them to momentarily power off and therefore repeatedly make the power on beep.

Only one plate heats up

Not Getting Hot Enough


Buzzing / Humming / Sparking noise

This noise means that electricity is arcing somewhere in the straighteners. This is bad and you should stop using them immediately!

Some other set of Symptoms not covered above


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