GHD 3.1b Cable Replacement How-to

See further down this page for a description with photos of the process. There is an alternative guide which assumes the arms need to be separated created by one of our forum members available here. We also have a video of the process.

To buy a good quality replacement cable, head to our online shop here - Cable for 3.1B, SS2, 4.0B and more GHD hair straighteners.



1) Holding the two arms together, find these two screws:


2) Using a small cross head screw driver, undo these two screws:

3) Remove Screws

You can either do this by shaking (!), using a small flat head screwdrvier or (probably easiest) using a pair of tweazers or needle nose pliers. If the gap is not big enough, try closing the arms/plates together as this can open up the gap a bit.


4) Remove rubber O-ring:


5) Remove old cable

Gently lift and pull out the old cable from the socket - the green PCB and any other bits didn't need to move very much. When doing this, makes sure you don't loose the little bit of plastic that holds the cable in place. It's removable and can fall out if you are not looking!

6) Fit new cable

The new cable you need is available from our shop. This is the one you need here.

Remember to transfer the O-ring from the old cable to the new cable before fitting the new cable.

If you've got some contact grease to hand, then I suggest applying a small amount to the two metal surfaces of the connector. This will extend the life of the cable by reducing rotational wear. Available on our shop.

Make sure the tip of the cable connector (see arrow on following picture) locates between the spring clip bit on the circuit board

7) Put it back together!

Now just put the lid back on, screw it down and replace the O-ring. Job almost done!

8) Move the european to UK adapter to the new cable

The adapter comes off the old cable by loosening the cross head screw. The european plug then pulls out and you can plug the new cable in and tighten the screw back up.




Don't forget - Good quality replacement cables are available from our online shop here - GHD Type 1 hair straightener cable.




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