GHD Hinge Pin Won't Come Undone

We have a video for each model range explaining how to Remove and Refit the hinge pin and hinge spring.

 There are two reasons for this:

Top Tips for Getting the Hinge Undone

The best way to undo a tight hinge pin is to use an impact driver on the screw head. This is a screwdriver that you tap/hit with a hammer and it produces a sudden rotational force which generally unjams a screw.

Just put a normal stubby screwdriver in a vice pointing upwards and use that on one side of the irons. Then use the impact driver downwards on the other side. Three hands would probably help here, but I'm sure you get the idea!

Of course make sure you are using the correct screwdrivers / screwdriver bits else you will damage the screw heads and they will then be much harder to undo!

Methods if the Screw Head is Damaged

Use of an impact driver before getting to this stage is always the better and easier option! See above.

If you can't get the hinge pin undone and the head has been damaged, you can try drilling the hinge pin out (this can be tricky!)  Do not allow the hinge pin to get too hot whilst drilling.

The plastic around it will simply melt.

Or you can make use of Kevin's top tip:

Use screwdrivers as normal but once the screwdriver slips on one of the screws use a dremmel with a cutting disk to cut a slot for a flat blade screwdriver. This does damage the plastic around the screw a little but it's covered once the iron goes back together. Make sure that you use a large flat blade the same size as the screw and retry. You will find you can get more torque now and i have had 100% success with this method and all parts can be re-used

Trevor B has sent us some photos of this method in action:

First: grind a slot with a Dremmell into the bolt

Second: grip a stubby flat-head screwdriver in the vice

Thirdly: locate your new slot into the stubby in the vice

Fourthly: with loads of downward pressure undo the top bolt with a phillips stubby

Replacement hinge pins are available if you need one. Have a look on our shop and email us if you can't find the one you need.

Hinge Cracker

Now this is what you call a "Hinge Cracker" from Kev :-)

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