GHD Gold S7N261 / GHD Max S7N421

The temperature of the two latest models is not adjustable. A thermistor is built in to each element.

The 185 degs C temperature for each element is programmed at the factory during manufacture.

Incorrect temperature may be caused by a microprocessor fault or dried out thermal paste on the elements.

Try fresh thermal paste.  For anything else our GHD Gold & Max Repair Service would be the best choice.


GHD 4.0B / 4.1B / 4.2B / SS4.0 / 5.0 / SS5.0 / MS5 / SC5

The temperature of the Mk4 and Mk5 irons is not adjustable. The temperature is controlled by a tightly toleranced thermistor, so no adjustment is required or possible. If your irons are running at the wrong temperature, then this suggests the thermistor is faulty or incorrectly fitted, the switch side element is faulty or the PIC processor is faulty.

See the thermistor page for more information about the temperature control of the Mk4 and Mk5 irons.

GHD3 / 3.1B / SS / SS2 Not Hot Enough

In the Mk3 models of GHD the temperature was controlled based on the resistance of the heater elements (which changes as they heat up). As not all heating elements have the same resistance, GHD designed in the ability to calibrate the temperature of the heater plates. This means that when heater elements are replaced you may need to tweak the adjustment of the VR1 variable resistor slightly.

Before you make any adjustments, please note that slight adjustments lead to large changes in temperature, so if you are not careful you could cause your GHDs to overheat and trip the thermal fuse.

On a pair of 3.1B's VR1 is located on the non switch side arm PCB here:

VR1 Location

Do not adjust the temperature when the irons are plugged in! Make sure you test them, unplug them, adjust the temperature and then plug them back in to retest.

To increase the plate temperature, turn VR1 clockwise.

To decrease the plate temperature, turn VR1 anti-clockwise.

When I do this, I put a thermocouple as shown below in between the plates and adjust VR1 until the plates measure around 186 degrees celcius:

Do not simply guess the temperature, you must use a meter with probe available on our shop HERE

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