Mk5 GHD Cable Replacement How-to

Here is a video which describes how to replace the cable on a pair of GHD 5.0 Gold Series straighteners.

We have had a customer comment that it is easy to break the collar (plastic end ring) when it is done with a screwdriver (this is the step that is done at 1 min 30 seconds in the video). The method in the video is no longer approved.

The correct method of removing the plastic end ring on the Mk5 is to remove the 2 screws from the cable clamp first and then with a finger nail prise up the cable clamp by its inner edge - it will pivot up and the plastic ring will just fall off.

The correct method on the wide plate SS5 and SC5 Contour models is slightly different. The only reliable way to remove the end ring is to use a very sharp blade and insert it between the end ring and cable clamp and then twist the blade freeing the end ring. With the irons flat on the table and the end ring on the right the blade should be inserted at a 45 degree angle and then twisted to push the end ring off to the right.

Plastic end rings are available from our shop if broken. Mk5 HERE SS5 & SC5 HERE

Replacement cables are available to buy from our shop.


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