How do I reset my GHD's

Mostly an urban myth sadly. You can not "reset" GHD hair straighteners apart from possibly the Eclipse model. See the Eclipse page for details.

However, on the latest models, the GHD S7N261 Gold and GHD S7N421 Max it is possible for the complex circuitry to get its knickers in a twist. This is called Failsafe mode.

If this happens you may get a bleep and flash of red LED and nothing else.Try unplugging them from the mains for a minute or two and then plugging them back in.

Failsafe mode should then be reset and the irons would function normally. If the same thing continues immediately or soon after then there is a fault than needs repairing.

Check out our Repair Service pages for our repair service that will be able to fix this for you.



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