How to replace the R8 or R8 and R11 resistor

Replacing the R8 or R8 and R11 resistors is easy if you have the right equipment, but can be very tricky without! The main challenge is getting the old resistor off, as it needs to be unsoldered at both ends before it will move.

New resistors are available from our shop - 100Ohm 1W or 51Ohm 1W.

Ideally you need:

To replace the resistor:

  1. Apply some fresh solder to both sides of the resistor. This may seem strange, however it will get the heat flowing. Then move the soldering iron between ends of the resistor until it's all hot enough that the resistor slides off.
  2. Apply some fresh solder, if required, to both PCB pads.
  3. Place the resistor in place and melt each end in turn adjusting the resistor into its final position with fine tipped tweezers or similar.
  4. Ideally, now clean the PCB with IPA if you have any, if not don't worry too much.

That should be it!



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