Thermal Paste

The heater elements are held in contact with the metal plates by the metal spring clip. The white paste you see around the edges is not glue - it's actually a thermal paste that helps transfer the heat from the element to the plate. As the paste ages it goes a bit hard which is why the heater can sometimes feel stuck.

The reason for the thermal paste is that on a microscopic scale the plate surface is a bit like a mountain range. You need the paste to fill in all the valleys so that the heater has even contact with the heater plate. That's what the paste is for. Therefore you don't need very much of it at all. Less is actually better! A thin even coating is required.

You must apply some new paste when you replace a heater or are refitting an old heater after inspecting it, we stock some in the shop for £1.10 - Thermal paste

Our thermal paste is specifically sourced to be convenient to apply, is supplied in a minimal mess paper sachet with tear off strip, and is designed for the temperatures that GHD irons operate at.

One sachet is suitable for a single element up to and including the wide ceramic plates. One sachet per element is required.

Do not use thermal paste commonly used in PC's or laptops, the upper temperature range is not sufficient for use in GHDs.

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