How do I get my GHD's out of shiver mode?

Some models of GHD have a protective shiver mode.

This activates if the irons are extremely cold and protects them from a sudden and huge temperature change that could possibly crack the heating elements.

Irons that are genuinely in shiver mode make a very distinctive bleeping noise and will not heat up. Unplug them and take them to a warm room, allow them to warm up for 10 to 15 minutes and try them again.

Try to avoid getting the irons really cold before you need to use them. For example the irons won't be very happy if left in your car boot over a winters night if you are away somewhere and then try to use them.....

The same thing can happen when I return irons to customers after a repair during the winter. They can spend a night in a Royal Mail van in the freezing cold. When I post irons back to you please allow them to warm up before trying them out!



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