Can GHD straighteners be repaired?


You will be glad to know that we can repair most models of GHD hair straightener.

From the oldest model called the Pre Mk3 irons to current models like the GHD S7N261 Gold and S7N421 Max - they can mostly be repaired using one of our repair services.


There are a few models that can't be repaired and it is easier to list those models, rather than the models that we can repair. 

All Eclipse, Platinum and Unplugged irons are not repairable as they have not been designed with repair in mind and we are unable to source any suitable (i.e. high quality, safe and reliable) spare parts.

Please check out our Repair Services or spares Shop for more details.

Here are some photos of our dedicated workshop where all our GHD repairs take place

GHD Repair Workshop Bench

GHD Repair Workshop Tools



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