GHD Gold S7N261 & GHD Max S7N421 Circuit Board Information

Non switch side element cracked or non switch side element failure.

Customers have started contacting us regarding information they have read on other websites about issues with the circuit boards and faults on the GHD Gold and GHD Max irons.

Including other companies refusing to repair GHD Gold or GHD Max irons with certain date codes.

The information has left them confused and believing that their irons can't be repaired.

We would like to clear up all the confusion and false information that is out there.


Firstly, every single pair of GHD Gold and GHD Max irons can be repaired by us!

Yes, in my opinion, there is an inherent issue with the GHD Gold and GHD Max irons that can lead to the fault below. It is NOT a safety concern! But it is a reliability concern.

Any fault on these two models will cause the LED to flash Red and you will hear a squeal noise.

However, the fault we are talking about is, specifically, non switch side element cracking and/or non switch side thermal fuse failure.

Having repaired well over 1200 of these irons, and working with two expert engineers on the issue, we are now confident that we have identified the components on the circuit board that have been causing this issue and have now fully tested a component modification and sourced replacement parts that have solved the problem.

The modification is fitted to every single pair that come in to us regardless of the fault. This is critical for future reliability!


So, to summarize; We know what the problem is, have a tested solution and apply this solution to every pair of GHD Gold & Max irons that come in to us for repair.


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