GHD Plug Fuse Rating

The plug fuse rating (or amperage) varies depending on the model. The plug fuse is different to the thermal fuse which is inside the irons and attached to the heater element.

GHD Mk4 (IV) and GHD Mk5 (V)

The newer models have slightly higher power heater elements, so they have a 5A fuse in the British plug adapter. They also have a higher rated European to UK plug adapter that flaps open like this:

GHD mk3 (GHD3, 3.1B, SS2 etc)

These older models have lower power heaters and use a 3A fuse in the british plug adapter. The European plug pushes into the bottom of the UK adapter on these models.

It is perfectly safe to use the higher power adapter from the Mk4 models with a Mk3 model as long as the fuse is changed to be a 3A fuse.

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