How long should GHD hair straighteners last?

As someone who has been repairing GHDs for over 10 years I like to turn that question around slightly.

How long can GHD hair straighteners last for?

This is a very interesting question that we are often asked.

If you look after your GHD irons they can last for decades. I often see and repair irons that are over 20 years old.

Some customers swear by the older models and do not wish to purchase a newer model. We can respect that view point and that is why we offer repairs and spares for all older GHD irons as well as the new models.

But how can I look after my irons?

Very easily actually:

The newer models like the GHD S7N261 Gold do seem to suffer from premature failure from shock damage in our experience.

Scratched plates, broken arms and other faults can be put right with one of our Repair Services.



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