How do you fix a broken GHD straightener plate?

Many customers believe that when a ceramic plate doesn't heat up on one side that it needs to be replaced.

However this is not entirely accurate!

The ceramic plate has a heating element clipped to it along with either a thermal fuse or thermistor depending on the model.

Only the heating element (the white piece with the red blob that is mounted on the ceramic plate in the photo above) needs to be changed to make it heat up normally again. These heater elements are available on our shop and there are many different types. Please get in touch if you need any help, or just send your irons off for repair using our repair service.

The ceramic plate that touches your hair will never need to be changed unless you have accidentally scratched it or have used the irons for 10 year with very coarse hair and have worn the plate out (but this is very rare)

Ceramic plates are available in many different colours and for various models on our shop. Please contact us if you do really need a ceramic plate changed, we will check our stock for you.



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