GHD Max SS5: Broken ceramic plate mounts and loose arm covers.

The GHD Max, model number GHD SS5, is a current model and has been available for some years now.

As this model ages we have noticed two annoying problems - many SS5 irons that we take in for repair have a loose arm cover, sometimes both arm covers are loose.

This causes the customer problems because hair can be caught in the loose cover where it has lifted out of the arm.

Another problem is breakage of the ceramic plate plastic mount, when this breaks the ceramic plate can almost fall out of the irons and is usually left hanging loose by the wires.

This renders the irons unusable and unsafe.

Ceramic plate mounts can be replaced. Arm covers can only be repaired, we use high temperature silicon and will attempt to repair loose arms on all pairs that come in to us.

The GHD SS5 must be handled correctly to avoid damage to the arm covers and ceramic plate mounting parts.

When you place the SS5 irons down make sure they are placed on their side, not flat.

Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation and how to avoid this happening in the first place.




Our fixed price GHD repair service covers this fault and can be booked via our online shop

The plastic mounts can also be purchased for DIY repairs via our online shop

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