Refixing wires to heater plate

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Refixing wires to heater plate

Postby lovsn » 04 Mar 2010, 01:16

My GHD Mini Stylers (series 3) recently stopped working and I took them apart to discover one of the wires had become detached from the heater plate. It seems like all I need to do is reconnect the plastic wire casing with the bit of wire which sticks out of the heater plate to make the connection again, but I was wondering if anyone knew what could be used to, essentially, glue these two parts in place.

Looking at the pictures on the repair website, I essentially need an equivalent of the red glue/rubber/wax as depicted in the below picture


Does anyone know what that is?

There was also a bit of yellow tape over the wax/rubber and cables, as depicted in this picture


I presume I also need this to complete the job, so any ideas where I can get some?



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Re: Refixing wires to heater plate

Postby gary » 08 Mar 2010, 20:41

Hi Stephen,

The wires are effectively welded to the heater elements. The red blob / yellow capton tape is just to electrically insulate the connections from other bits of metal.

Many people have tried to reconnect the wires, but the best way to do it is to simply replace the heater element. For GHD MS this is the element you need: ... uct_id/109

Note that if you have MS4.0, then you need a different heater.


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