Great advice and great service

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Great advice and great service

Postby Fixit » 26 Feb 2015, 11:47

GHDs mk5 were dead, reading the troubleshooter guide lead me to an open R11 resistor and a blown thermal fuse. The advice was that these don't go for nothing so a little further disassembly revealed a cracked ceramic element. I went for the easy option and ordered a new element assembly. The R11 was fiddly to solder, but the element was simple as it arrived fully assembled, complete with the messy thermal grease! Well worth the extra few £'s. Delivery was swift and my wife is happy, well done guys, your advice and service is spot on. Thank you! :D

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Re: Great advice and great service

Postby NathanTel » 12 Oct 2017, 16:13

I wholeheartedly agree, thanks for the great service you guys provide.

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