Platinum plates alignment

Questions about the GHD Mk6 Eclipse and Mk7 Platinum models
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Platinum plates alignment

Postby manvadher » 04 Jan 2017, 22:43

Hi there

Just wanted to find out if there's a simple way to better align the plates of the platinum ghds?

Ghd replaced a pair of eclipse ones with the platinum but the plates don't align well at all ( the top 0.5cm touch but the rest has been gap)

Is there an easy way to fix these?

I've read that ghd don't believe this to be a problem and others say it's due them being manufactured in China.

Any help or thoughts would be welcomed.

Thank you

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Re: Platinum plates alignment

Postby gary » 28 Jan 2017, 00:26

No idea I'm afraid. I've heard people complain about it before, but I've always found that if you press harder the plate float takes up the gap.


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