Adapt 10A fuse 240 degrees MSyle

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Adapt 10A fuse 240 degrees MSyle

Postby Caramalo » 09 Jul 2013, 17:39

Hi, the issue would remove the ceramic housing of fuxible, remove the capsule and then attach it to a plate with paper ms 4.0 kapton. I find the difference that the original MS is 6 amps and 229 degrees and the other would desconesion 10A and 240 degrees. Is it possible this conversion?

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Re: Adapt 10A fuse 240 degrees MSyle

Postby gary » 11 Jul 2013, 14:41

240 is a bit high. I would recommend the next one down as discussed here:

As for fitting it, I'm afraid I've never tried this!


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Re: Adapt 10A fuse 240 degrees MSyle

Postby Webinfusion » 11 Jul 2013, 16:51


I use 228's @10a on all ghd's 240's just make a mess of the plate holders when overtemp happens and the ms is not good when the plate holder melts to the plate, if a ghd is above 228 deg c then there is something wrong.
I make all my heatfuse assemblies from scratch now due to to many problems with pre-made assemblies.


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