plates are dangerously hot

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plates are dangerously hot

Postby mac » 10 May 2009, 15:08

I was asked by a friend to look at her mini ghds that were completely dead, I replaced the cable and now the red light comes on but it won’t turn off (red light is on when the small switch is in both on and off position) and the plates are dangerously hot, so you have to turn them off at the wall.
Can anyone suggest what I need to replace on the pcb to rectify this.
The plates are so hot that (when out of their case)they left burn mark lines on the mdf board i was resting on after just 20 seconds.

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Re: plates are dangerously hot

Postby gary » 11 May 2009, 12:30

Hi Mac,

Not come across this problem. At a guess the triac might have gone short and the power switch has broken as well???

I assume the led never goes into flashing mode?


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