Cable has gone (I think)

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Cable has gone (I think)

Postby Brad » 18 Dec 2008, 15:55

My sister gave me her starighteners a few months ago, they are the thin ones.

Now, Ive been using them fine up until I let my gf use them, when she turned them on, the cable just underneath the plug started to flash. I rang GHD and verified my pair but they said they will only fix them if it a manufacturer issue. From reading your articles, you say that you shouldnt wrap the cord around the starighteners ( which I have been doing recently). So, I dont think they will fix them only for a charge.

My straighteners are quite old, the woman said over the phone they are made in feb 06. They also dont bleep when they are ready, tobe honest I don't know how to use them at all. Sound stupid but I didnt get any inscructions when she gave um to me and I dont know what flashing LEd means or solid LED etc.

Anyway, if I bought this ( ... oduct_id/5) will this fix my issue and get um back tolife?


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Re: Cable has gone (I think)

Postby gary » 23 Dec 2008, 20:21

Hi Brad,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Sounds like you just need a new cable and the part you have found on the shop should be just what you want. The replacement method is basically the same as this -

The MS version also works in a very similar way to the 3.1b's, so have a look here for what the LED means - Only Mk4 GHD's beep


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