Changing plug

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Changing plug

Postby monica » 25 Sep 2008, 19:16

Hi there,

Im pretty certain that i have a faulty cable connection as the wire coming directly out of the plug has to be held a certain way for the straighteners to start working.

Just double checking that i simply need to cut of the plug and strip the wire down a few centimetres and replace with another plug as you would normally do with any other appliance. The only thing giving me doubts really is the fact that the plug is a 2-pin so didnt know if that would matter?????

A few people confirmed that they wd just cut the plug away and put a new one...another person said to get a whole new cable???????????!!!!!!!


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Re: Changing plug

Postby gary » 27 Sep 2008, 11:33

Hi Monica,

If the problem is at the plug end of the cable then you are right - just strip back the cable and fit a new 13A plug. The fact that it comes with a 2 pin plug on it by default is just GHD being lazy and only making 1 version of the product for the whole of Europe!

Obviously if one end of the cable is faulty, then this could mean that the other end of the cable will fail soon, however you might as well just swap the plug and see what happens. Just make sure you keep an eye on it and at the first sign of the problem again, get the cable replaced.



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Re: Changing plug

Postby Donna Lou » 11 Jan 2009, 20:24

Hi relieved was I to find FREE advice AND support for what seems to be common place problems....the most expensive straighteners in the universe go caput within days of their warranty end !!!

Anyhow, new to the site and having read a few posts....o.m.g multimeters...soldering ...I'll not wade further.
It took me ten mins to find the model type !!! not at all dim bt a GHD virgin....

Would you consider step by step photo illustrations of how to take the bloomin things apart ?
So ...
prob 1) what model ? - DONE
prob 2) how to take apart ? - carefully and dont break anything
prob 3) no lights , no heat no power - chop off plug , attach new regular one
prob 4) no lights, no heat, no power - find someone to help , ask questions- in progress
prob 5) how do I identify if its * Thermal Fuse
* Cable
* Thermistor
* Heater or
* R8 Resistor
without replacing all of em or is it a one by one thing ?

If you're still reading , thanks, if you can help THANKS Donna Lou

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Re: Changing plug

Postby gary » 12 Jan 2009, 17:47

Hi Donna,

If they are 4.1B's and are dead with no light, no heat etc then 1st thing to check is the R8 resistor. This is the part that fails most commonly on this model. To confirm this you'll need a multimeter (sorry!!), or you could take a £4 gamble and replace it anyway. Of course to replace it you'll need a soldering iron (sorry again!!).

To take it apart, it's basically the same as the 3.1b's, so you can look at steps 1 to 4 of ... _3.1b.html.

See how far you get and come back if you get stuck ;-)


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