Thermistor Glue

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Thermistor Glue

Postby Petebob796 » 31 May 2012, 03:38

I am looking to find some glue for reattaching a thermistor. I have seen the suggestions of Silcoset 158 and Dow Corning 744 but am wondering if I could find anything off the shelf in the UK from somewhere like B&Q or halfords so I can get the job done quickly.

Anyone know if Loctite 5910 Gasket Sealer or similar products would work? They are high temperature selants so I would think so. This is available at Halfords:

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Re: Thermistor Glue

Postby gary » 31 May 2012, 22:18

That could work... depends on their definition of intermittent:

"Temperature resistance: -55°C to 250°C intermittent"


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