Undoing the screw?!

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Undoing the screw?!

Postby Al_Shetz » 11 May 2012, 17:36

I had some GHDs that were previously owned and the lead had already been changed when I bought them,This lead was pretty dodgy and started to spark.
So I bought a new lead but I cannot undo the screw
I have tried the whole screwdriver each side and twist anti clockwise, but it just twists round loosening nothing.
I need help please :(!!

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Re: Undoing the screw?!

Postby prettypriddy » 13 May 2012, 00:35

Hello mate.
There is no way that they should just spin. they`l either start turning in opposite directions or not budge at all.
Sit down, hold the stylers tight between your knees, turn the right hand screwdriver toward you and the left hand one away from you.
Providing you have the right size screwdrivers Mk4s should move fairly easy.
Now Mk 3`s thats a different story.

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