Flat Squared Resistor??

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Flat Squared Resistor??

Postby glaucus » 14 Nov 2011, 22:41

Hi all

I was fixing a GHD 4.0B and it's the first time I have come across these flat resistors... namely R1, R5, R8 and R10
This R8 is not the usual R8 resistor found on many of the GHD's its more of a flat rectangular type... it does not measure any Ohms and
from previous repairs I guess changing this will bring the GHD back to life...
Has anybody come across this type of resistors in the GHDs?
It is a genuine as inside its got its small screws etc...
Can I just use the normal small resistors typically found ? and can anyone say (i suspect it to be) 100 Ohms? can anyone confirm this
in case its 50 Ohms?

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Re: Flat Squared Resistor??

Postby gary » 15 Nov 2011, 09:57


This is normal for the 4.0Bs. Those resistors are not great and we recommend replacing them with a 100 oh Melf resistor:

There is more info here:


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